The Daily Coyote by Shreve Stockton

I got this book (from the library) after it was mentioned on The title of the book makes more sense if you know that it’s a blog-turned-book.

Neither remarkable nor un-, it is a sweet little story about the author’s first year spent with a wild coyote pup turned pet. The main drawback is that the story is much better than the writing; it feels like Stockton is telling her story as a one-sided conversation with the reader, including the parts where you realize you’ve forgotten something your listener will need to know to understand the next bit, so you hurriedly go off on a tangential explanation and return several minutes later with “So anyway, where was I? Oh yes …” However, the thousands of words all the photographs in this book are worth make up for it.

I’ve been reading a lot more biographies than I would have thought before starting this reading blog.



When photographer and writer Shreve Stockton decided to move back to her beloved New York from San Francisco, she decided to take her time and make the trip on her Vespa. When she reached Wyoming, Shreve was captivated by the red dirt, the Bighorn Mountains, and the wide-open spaces. Unable to shake the spell of the “cowboy state,” she soon found herself trading her New York City apartment for a house in Ten Sleep, Wyoming – population 300.

Shreve threw away her cell phone and took to the rules of the land, adjusting to a lifestyle that was a near antithesis to that of the urban jungle. Time is of a different essence, nature is both livelihood and enemy, deer and coyote mark the dawn and dusk. After she met a local cowboy by chance on the side of the road, first a friendship and then a romance blossomed between them.

When Shreve was unexpectedly presented with a ten-day-old coyote pup whose parents had been shot for killing sheep, she had a choice to make. Despite her reservations and the terror of her tomcat Eli, Shreve decided to do the unthinkable – to raise the coyote pup she came to call Charlie in her 12 x 12-foot log cabin.