Between The Bridge And The River by Craig Ferguson

I vowed not to get any more library books until I finished my to-be-read pile, but I had to read Craig Ferguson’s novel quickly in preparation for seeing The Late Late Show in LA on my upcoming epic vacation. I also had to quickly get stoned and watch Saving Grace, a movie about pot that he wrote and starred in.

The things that happen between the bridge and the river are very funny and better than I expected if I had expected a late-night host to write fiction at all. My only complaint is that I wish it had been a bit more obvious and a bit less zany.



Two childhood friends from Scotland and two illegitimate half-brothers from the deep South suffer and enjoy all manner of bizarre adventures that, it turns out, are somehow interconnected and – even more surprisingly – meaningful. The eclectic cast of characters features Socrates, Carl Jung, and Tony Randall, along with an ex-television evangelist with a penchant for booze, prostitutes, and uncomfortable knitwear who gets mugged in Miami by an almost pure-blooded Watusi warrior, and sets off on a road trip in a stolen motor home.