My Life In France by Julia Child with Alex Prud’Homme

I’m not supposed to be getting any more library books until I make progress on my own pile of books to be read, but somehow I put the current date instead of a future date for a few books on my request list and they all came in over the Christmas holidays.

I want to see the movie Julie & Julia because it is the first movie to be made from a blog. It is exactly the kind of movie Ryan and I would have seen together. Before seeing the movie I wanted to read the book and before reading the book I wanted to read this Julia Child biography. So now that I’ve read My Life In France I have to read Julie & Julia which means more library books!

My Life In France was absolutely delicious! How could anyone not like Julia Child? How could anyone not like this book?



This is a book about some of the things I have loved most in life: my husband, Paul Child; la belle France; and the many pleasures of cooking and eating. It is also something new for me. Rather than a collection of recipes, I’ve put together a series of linked autobiographical stories, mostly focused on the years 1948 through 1954, when we lived in Paris and Marseilles, and also a few of our later adventures in Provence. Those early years in France were among the best of my life. They marked a crucial period of transformation in which I found my true calling, experienced an awakening of the senses, and had such fun that I hardly stopped moving long enough to catch my breath.