A Semester In The Life Of A Garbage Bag by Gordon Korman

I decided to read this because my very interesting friend Alnoor had listed it on Facebook as one of his favourite books. I read a lot of Gordon Korman books as a kid and loved them and, while this one’s cover looked familiar, the synopsis didn’t ring any bells.

For some reason I remembered the school’s temperamental solar and wind power generator as being run on garbage. I also don’t remember noticing the individuality is cooler than conformity theme as personified in the character of Raymond Jardine. So while I’d read this book before, apparently it had been wasted on me.

Higgs understands why Allidina likes this book.



It’s not easy being an eleventh-grade garbage bag. Sean Delancey never knew there was such a thing until Raymond Jardine became his English project partner. Raymond wants to change his trash-filled existence by winning a trip to an exotic Greek island. The only trouble is he has no luck – none at all: zero, zip, zilch. To wow the judges and win the contest, he and Sean become “superstudents.” This includes choosing a long-deceased, highly obscure Canadian poet as their English project subject. It also includes pretending Sean’s cigar-smoking, ex-Brooklynite grandfather is that long-deceased Canadian poet … and hoping no one finds out. Where does it all end?