Nancy Drew #1: The Secret Of The Old Clock by Carolyn Keene

I picked this book up at a flea market on the way home from a camping trip last summer because I loved reading Nancy Drews when I was a kid and having the first one in my library felt like a nice tribute to that memory. Nancy solves this mystery with her people skills and her woman’s tendency to snoop. I recently learned that the early Nancy Drew stories were rewritten in the 1950s from earlier versions written in the 1920s – and that Nancy was once 16, somehow more independent and rebelled even more against authority than the evidence-stealing she does in this version.



After aiding an injured child, Nancy accidentally stumbles upon the mystery of Josiah Crowley’s missing will. While several of Crowley’s impoverished relatives claim that he had included them in his will, his arrogant relatives seem to possess the only copy, which leaves them in total possession of the deceased man’s fortune. Nancy is intrigued by the situation and begins searching for Crowley’s missing antique clock, an object that reportedly contains a clue to the will’s location.