The First Four Years by Laura Ingalls Wilder

By writing this penultimate volume of the Little House books, Laura tells us about the early pitfalls in her marriage to Almanzo Wilder – and quietly says “I told you so”. Laura relays to us that the Wilders’ financial failure in the first four years of their marriage was mostly due to Almanzo’s overspending – something noticed by Laura but not discussed with him. Passive aggressive much?



Laura and Manly Wilder begin married life on their small prairie homestead with high hopes. The beautiful prairie world seems like a paradise; there are wildflowers in spring, wild geese in autumn, pony rides, and warm times together. But each year brings unforeseen disasters as well – storms destroy the crops; there is sickness, fire, and always unpaid debts. The first four years often prove heartbreaking for the Wilders. But they have each other, and their little daughter Rose, and a fierce determination to succeed.