Alosha by Christopher Pike

I got this book from the library for two reasons: 1) Children’s lit reads quickly and I am determined to meet my annual “read 52 books a year” goal for the first time and 2) I love love loved Christopher Pike when I was growing up.

This book didn’t disappoint me with regards to reason one, but if Pike had been putting out books like this when I was young I would never have spent so much time stalking him.



While hiking in the woods behind her house, teenager Ali Warner stumbles across a plot by the elementals – mysterious creatures who live in a neighbouring dimension – to invade and destroy the Earth. Not only that, she discovers that she has been chosen to stop the attack. Why was Ali chosen? It is very possible that she may be more than human.

To reclaim her magical abilities and her true identity, Ali sets out on a great adventure. This journey will take her far from home and through a series of dangerous tests that require not only courage and strength but an insight into life itself. Accompanied by a devious leprechaun, a loyal troll, and three close friends, Ali strives to reach the top of a forbidden mountain and lay claim to the Yanti, an ancient talisman of great power that even the elementals cannot control.