Sweet Valley Twins #1: Best Friends by Jamie Suzanne

I’m trying to find and repurchase the first books in some of the series I read as a kid, like Nancy Drew, The Baby-Sitters Club and Sweet Valley High. I kept all my Christopher Pikes, so I’m set there.

After reading this book, I have to admit I didn’t remember Sweet Valley Twins being mostly from Elizabeth’s perspective, but maybe that’s why I liked them so much.



Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield feel special because they’re identical twins. For twelve years they’ve dressed alike, shared a room, and done everything together. But when they start Sweet Valley Middle School, everything begins to change.

Elizabeth wants to work on the class newspaper, but Jessica doesn’t. Jessica would rather join the Unicorns, a snobby all-girls club. Even though Elizabeth isn’t interested in the same things as her twin, she tries hard to tag along. But is she losing her very best friend?