Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card

My friend Jessica recommended this after looking at the science fiction books already on my shelf and finding it hard to believe I didn’t already have it. She was right – this is definitely the kind of sci-fi I love to read: fast, classic and fascinating. It’s impossible to stop following Ender on his journey from public school to fleet commander – the raging river of the plot never lets you come to shore. Even when you aren’t really convinced that this is the story of a six year old, or when the Peter and Valentine subplot is set up but never pays off, or when the ending is rushed just to setup a sequel … even then, the ride is fantastic.



Aliens have attacked Earth twice and almost destroyed the human species. To make sure humans win the next encounter, the world government has taken to breeding military geniuses – and then training them in the arts of war. The early training, not surprisingly, takes the form of “games”. Ender Wiggin is a genius among geniuses; he wins all the games. He is smart enough to know that time is running out. But is he smart enough to save the planet?