The Girl Who Played With Fire by Stieg Larsson

Better than the first one (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo). There was a lot less random sex in this installment, but I was suspicious every time Mikael was around a new woman. It’s pretty disappointing to have Lisbeth’s fingerprints on the murder weapon – seriously Salander, how sloppy is that? We find out a lot more about Lisbeth’s history, and I have to say I didn’t see that coming.



Crusading Publisher Mikael Blomkvist has decided to run an exposive expose of a wide-ranging sex traffic king operation. Just before the piece is published, the two reporters responsible are murdered. The fingerprints on the murder weapon belong to his friend, the troubled hacker genius Lisbeth Salander. Blomkvist, convinced of Salander’s innocence, plunges into an investigation. Meanwhile, Lisbeth herself is drawn into a murderous game of cat and mouse, and is forced to face her dark past.