The Last Seven Months Of Anne Frank by Willy Lindwer

The worst fear from the end of Anne Frank’s famous diary is confirmed in this biography: Anne died after her last entry in Diary Of A Young Girl. She may have lived for seven more months in a concentration camp, but her voice was snuffed out when the SS raided the Secret Annexe, and she is but a ghost haunting the pages of The Last Seven Months Of Anne Frank.



Lindwer presents the transcripts of six in-depth interviews conducted in preparation for his film documentary, The Last Seven Months of Anne Frank . Although “Lies Goosens,” real name Hannah Elisabeth Pick-Goslar, will be the most familiar to readers of Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl , each of these women’s first-person accounts is compelling. They relate their backgrounds, their capture, details of the concentration camp experience, and descriptions of the time immediately following liberation. Each includes her relationship to Anne Frank and gives impressions of the girl’s final days. This collage of intimate recollections paints a clear picture of the human experience known as the Holocaust.