The Keeper Of The Isis Light by Monica Hughes

I remember one of my elementary or middle school teachers reading this book to us over many afternoons, I believe it was my grade five teacher Miss … McNeilly? McNulty? Darn, it’s gone. Anyway, I received a used copy of this 1980 book for Christmas and it has the same cover as the one I remember, which really takes me back.

I thought it was a fantastic book in grade five and I still concur – The Keeper Of The Isis Light is a gorgeous sci-fi story about teenagers and being an alien among your own people. There are many strong themes in this book and none of them disappoint, although I have to admit I was a little surprised that (highlight for spoilers) Mark and Olwen weren’t able to overcome their differences. But the unexpected ending looks like it leads to two more books, The Guardian of Isis and The Isis Pedlar.
One question I had was: Why didn’t Olwen notice that her skin was a different colour than the settlers?



Olwen is the keeper of the Isis light – the sole operator of the radio tower on the future colony planet of Isis. She and her protector, Guardian, have lived alone on the planet since the death of Olwen’s parents. When the first settlers finally arrive to start a colony, the secret of the lightkeeper’s unexpected success on Isis is learned.