Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott

At first I thought this was a book about zombies. The title and even the blurb on the back sound like it could be zombies! But Living Dead Girl is actually about a little girl who was abducted while on a field trip when she was 10 years old, and who after five years of sexual and physical abuse by her kidnapper is completely numb inside, a living dead girl. My friend Lindsey, who is apparently into some pretty dark stuff, lent it to me.

I tore through this short young adult novel in one sitting. Should young teenage girls tear through it? Yikes. It could potentially save lives, but there are some seriously disturbing sexual images in this story.

The ending is masterful but ambiguous, and I choose to believe that it’s a happy ending.



This is Alice. She was taken by Ray five years ago. She thought she knew how her story would end. She was wrong.