The Baby-Sitters Club #2: Claudia And The Phantom Phone Calls by Ann M. Martin

Value Village may be my new favourite store. I just found numbers 2-30 of Sweet Valley High, 2-10 of Sweet Valley Twins, plus the next 3 books in The Baby-Sitters Club series there (I already picked up #1 in each of those series the last time I had a fit of childhood nostalgia).

I really loved re-reading the very first Baby-Sitters Club, Kristy’s Great Idea, a few years ago. The story, characters, and lessons were better than I ever remembered, and I liked it so much I put it on my top 5 books of 2010 list. So it was pretty disappointing reading Baby-Sitters Club #2, Claudia And The Phantom Phone Calls, and finding out that it was a little stilted and just not as much fun or immersing as #1 had been. Ann M. Martin started out the series so strongly, but she stumbled a bit on the second book.

Still, lots of practical lessons about baby-sitting, and how to hide things from your parents.



Kristy, Claudia, Mary Anne, and Stacey have had some strange adventures since they started the Baby-Sitters Club. But nothing’s been as spooky as what’s going on right now. The baby-sitters have been getting mysterious phone calls when they’re out on their jobs. When a phone rings and they pick up, there’s no one on the other end of the line.

Claudia’s sure it’s the Phantom Caller, a jewel thief who’s been operating in the area. Claudia has always liked reading mysteries, but she doesn’t like when they happen to her. So she and the baby-sitters decide to take action – with some very mixed results!