A King Of Infinite Space by Allen Steele

This is one of those pleasant and highly entertaining books that begs to be described as a romp through something. In this case, it’s a romp through late 1990s pop culture and 2090s space culture, with a fun lesson about being mindful of how you treat others because you may be judged on it when you are resurrected by advanced nanotechnology.


Book blurb:

Welcome to Heaven. Here’s a mop. It’s not that simple, of course. First you have to die. Grunge rock, the mosh pit, bad acid, and an eighteen-wheeler will take care of that. Then you have to survive. Not terribly complicated, toward the century’s end, for a neglected rich kid with guilt-ridden parents. Can you say cry-o-gen-ics? Death comes to us all, but for William Alec Tucker III it is a gateway to the future, and a second chance to accomplish what he’s left undone: which is, well, just about everything. Life after death is almost pleasant.