Wanderers Of Time by John Wyndham

John Wyndham’s novels, and his short stories too, always impress me with their quietness. His stories seem to silently uncoil themselves out of the deep darkness of our future fears and steadily push us through inevitable terror and not inevitable triumph. Even when the story is about ants at the end of time.



John Wyndham’s novels, and the films based on some of them, made him a household name in the decades after the war. The foundations of his skill however, were laid in the stories, widely varied, yet all highly accomplished, that he wrote both before and during the war years. In this selection, readers will discover alternative treatments of several of the themes that preoccupied him throughout his writing life.

These are stories which consider acutely the possibilities which science has opened up for us, and the threats and marvels that await us as we become masters of space and time.